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The World Beyond My Mind

By Kim Leatherman

I lived in a box within my mind

small, comfy and safe the walls well defined

Experiences and beliefs built up each wall

Protecting myself was the point of it all

The boundaries were clear, no risk would I take

Fear was in charge of decisions I'd make

The box served its purpose for such a long time

Till I became conscious of the box's true crime

It robbed me of purpose and many a gift

As I was awakened, these limits I'd lift

Of beliefs I had formed, "were they true"?, I would ask

Reevaluating myself became my new task

As the walls began crumbling, I came to find

The fear and the limits were all in my mind

As I challenged those thoughts, my purpose grew clear

To spread peace and love is the reason I'm here

My life has expanded, I take on new things

Creating and growing with each day life brings

The fears that had stopped me, I see were perceived

If we challenge our thoughts, dreams can be achieved

The Root Of Us

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