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A Field Guide for

Racial Reality


The Discovery of and Reclaiming your Roots.

Are you a little lost in the reality and abyss of the racial education you are lacking?

Are you wondering why you have a top of the line education but have a gaping hole  

when it comes to talking about race, racism, and institutional racism? 

Are you also thinking, when am I going to have time to learn about, as well as become 

active in advocating for racial justice?

Are you unsure of what to do as you become more aware of racial injustice and inequities? 

Does the process of how to unlearn and relearn history through an equity lens 

while checking your bias every day seems a little daunting? 

And who do you seek out for help and support? 

If you had these burning questions with the big question finally being - where do I begin?

Perfect! Because that means -


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