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Connection Makes Community 

What folks come to mind when you need advice, understanding, encouragement, a helping hand or a tug on your coattail?

You think of the most trusted relationships you have right?

That is your community and that is our team.

We want to build community with you individually, with your team and with your organization, through authentic relationship and interconnection with all aspects of our humanity.

We don't know any other way to belong to each other in the world.

Helping Hands


Putting Pedagogy Into Practice With Courage

Education around our identity and how we move through the world are foundational to the work of inclusion - of creating the circumstances where genuine belonging can occur. Accompanying this foundational work - this pedagogy, is the practice of being uncomfortable, and the courage to execute what you know and believe. Intellect, education and excellence alone are not enough.



Authentic Assessment to Relevant Action

We use a critical anti-bias and culturally responsive framework to assist organizations in recognizing outdated and biased policies, curricula and materials that can damage potential, self esteem and one's identity. With that lens of awareness, organizations can restructure and replace them with policies, curricula and materials that are rich and culturally relevant -

to empower, liberate and change

the trajectories of individuals lives.


We hold Courageous Conversations around;

Racial Equity & Education 6 Week Series 

White Racial Identity Development 6 Week Series

Black Girl In Suburbia Documentary and Panel Discussions

Kids, Bias and Bullying Weekend Workshops

Raising Race Conscious Kids Support Group

Bias Analysis and Education Toolkits

Affinity & Accountability Groups

Restorative Justice & Peace Circle Sessions

Leadership, Team & Identity Development

Assimilation & Appropriation Activities and Homework

SEL, EI Stages of Growth and Development Training


Our Story Speaks Our Truth

"I speak from who I am, what I do and what I know as an educator, student, mentor, advocate, advisor, coach, athlete, parent, daughter, sister, friend and especially from my experience as a bold, beautiful Black woman on the planet. Everyone has a voice. I use my privileged to empower others to use their voice, tell their story and to make space for all our voices to be heard, welcomed listened to responded to and valued.

 My clients are my number one priority, and my services prove just how committed I am to their growth and development."


Fernell Miller 

Founder - The Root of Us


Liminal Space

Excitement + Challenge = Transformation

It’s a bit counter-intuitive, but we believe life’s most turbulent transitions are where the best and most enduring transformation occurs. Immense growth happens here, if you learn how to wait and listen at the threshold of liminal space.

Our team can provide insight and guidance to reduce internal and external barriers and help you with the right accompaniment to assist, advocate, challenge, and reshape an otherwise tumultuous expedition of change for the sake of your lasting transformation.


Our Clients