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 What is your vision for an equitable educational system for all?

We look forward to hearing from you all across the nation, starting with the voices that we don’t often engage in.

The goal of our initial survey is to gather and center the voices of Black, Brown and Native students;

Special Ed., homeless, rural and our most remote students.

We are trying to capture the untold stories of our most invisible and marginalized students, families, support staff and educators in our communities.

Purpose of this Survey:

  • Support existing data in an authentic way, from the people who are experiencing the inequities of injustice the most.

  • Provide extensive narrative voices to lead the vision for a new educational system for all.

  • Capturing and centering marginalized communities experiences in order to drive the vision.

We appreciate your time and commitment to sharing your authentic selves as we build our future!

*Disclaimer: Only email addresses are recorded

Access to the survey data will be used for educational purposes only.

Please contact us directly if you would like to purchase a survey license or a custom survey for your school or organization.

This survey is intellectual property of The Root of Us LLC.

Teacher Assisting a Student
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