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Listening to "his Dream" and my heart aches.

Wondering if this country has what it takes.

So easily divided the past four years,

When divisiveness was magnified by our hate and fears.

Could we embrace the idea of "one for all",

Or are we destined to have a great fall?

Could we find a uniting force

To cross all boundaries, with LOVE at the source?

What can we do to have freedom ring

And realize the Dream of Dr. King?

I don't have the answer, I sadly confide.

For each individual, the answer's inside.

What are YOU willing to compromise

To save our country from eminent demise?

Could you give up the righteousness of your own belief

To be curious why it may cause someone grief?

Could you give up convincing and defending your point?

Creating solutions, so benefits are joint.

Can you give forgiveness and ask for some too

And shift your perspective to see a new view?

I know it's not easy, but perhaps could try

To practice compassion

So his Dream won't die

Kim Leatherman ~

The Root of U.S . .

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