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My view is yellow and blue, at times I can see green

Yours is red and blue, and purple can be seen

With blue we both see eye to eye, our perspectives are the same

But when discussing yellow and red, it becomes a different game

I cannot convince you of yellow, for me there is no red

Our experience cannot be shared, let's try something new instead

What if I just listened about your red and blue

And how they combine to make purple, that's how it is for you.

I need not pass a judgement, nor believe it in my heart

To listen just to understand is a skillset and an art

I ask you too for willingness, when I speak of yellow and green

To believe my perspective is MY truth, though to you it is unseen

It will require us to set aside the prize of being right

There really are no winners until we can unite

United doesn't mean that we all must think the same

But understanding differences could really change the game

Accepting green exists for me as purple does for you

May open common space to see we're both just human too.

Kim Leatherman ~

The Root of U.S . .

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