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Launching Forward with New School!


Nobody’s going BACK to School -

We are launching FORWARD with NEW SCHOOL!!

We can't return to a system that was not meant for all . .

School as we know it is over - in the past. We can't “un-know” what we have experienced and know now, especially in light of our worldwide pandemic, COVID 19. We cannot un-see the violence and injustice that we saw and continue to witness against Black Americans.

Many areas have experienced this type of trauma and devastation due to horrific weather conditions, fires or other natural disasters, yet we do not learn from their experience as we peer through their window. We needed to experience losing our comfort zone in order to enter into an awakening to the reality of our world in order to feel ALIVE! OUCH - but Hallelujah!!

What a silver lining, a blessing in disguise, an opportunity to see and experience our humanity through this collective trauma. What an opportunity to strengthen our muscles of compassion and empathy within ourselves and toward each other.

*Share how you can relate to other collective trauma that has interrupted the school system?

*How have you been exercising your muscles of compassion and empathy?

*What silver linings are you able to bring forward into a new way to do school?

What an opportunity to reinvent, reimagine and reassemble our educational system to fit ALL of our needs as an ever changing society.

*Share how would you reinvent, re-image or reassemble?

*What is the single most important thing that you would bring from the Old School forward into New School?

What an opportunity to learn from our own experience and have relatable issues all around the world.

*What world events come to mind that we ALL can relate and learn from?

Pooling resources or “Learning Pods” code word for segregation, has never served us well and only divides us further as one nation under God indivisible, with liberty and justice for ALL without exceptions, conditions, limitations, bias and bigotries based on race, ethnicity, culture, gender, age, class, demographic or orientation.

What an opportunity to collectively problem solve, address systemic inequity and racial injustices we face as a nation - TOGETHER!

*Where is the first place you can begin to end school segregation?

*Share how unlearning bias’ and relearning ALL of America’s history will change our future

Having access to valuable and virtual resources help us ALL in closing the educational gaps of college entrance, rigorous courses for all, understanding content and context of the world around us.

*Share how you are assisting in closing the gaps and addressing the digital divide?

*How have you helped your child set up their remote learning environment?

*In what ways are you addressing screen time for yourself and your family?

Realizing that Race, like borders and zip codes are inconsequential but have real consequences. The concept of race/racism/systemic racism is forever present yet forever hidden in plain sight and unspoken. What an opportunity we have to have educators of Color from all over your district, the state and the world in our classrooms!

*How have you been advocating for reallocating funds for public schools and education?

*What type of deposits are you making as an investment into our future?

*Who would your dream Educator(s) of Color be what would want to learn from them?

Closing thoughts:

If school was not problematic or doesn't raise any red flags or questions for you and you don't quite see how our educational system could change the world, especially in regards to race, racism and systemic and institutional racism, then this survey and blog is for you.

Challenge yourself and research the history of school and it's intention. Historicize it beginnings.

Seek to understand segregation and how it plays out today. Set aside time watch or read “Race in America” and/or PDF with links to begin your research.

Challenge your thinking around your own privilege of being supported in your educational process even especially without being criminalized for youth behavior or being policed while trying to learn.

Book clubs and educating yourself is important, but not more important than action. Action is an internal response to what you have learned and are learning every minute of every day. It is consistently checking yourself and challenging your programed narrative of race/racism/systemic racism all the time in every situation or space. The privilege to set time aside to learn and/or set your learning aside whether processing or vacationing is an action Black, Brown and Indigenous people never get to consider.

What a luxury it would be to have time and the space to learn, especially about ourselves and unlearn, just like you, the whitewashed version of everything that has burdened BIPOC internal racism (and white superiority for people who call themselves white) but we are too busy being indoctrinated with white history, white justification of injustice, white standards, white bodied behaviors every minute of the day while we are just trying to get our groceries and get home safely.

Can you imagine our youth still trapped and trying to navigate and survive in system that dehumanizes, criminalizes and minimizes their potential? Me either, and I'm a Black teacher trying to survive and thrive inside of White Supremists system. The Educational system that was built is not broken. I cannot return to a system that was designed to break me. We cannot go back to school without going forward and launch over all the ways that it was successful in doing so.

Thank you, as always for your time, thoughts and tenacity to Take On the WORLD with us at

The Root Of Us. Wishing and believing that 20-21 school year will be

Historical on all accounts and in every way!!!

Be healthy and remain well

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